The Nedstrand peninsula lies surrounded by fjords to the east of Haugesund. One road and one boat- and ferry quay are your main options for reach us.

The scenic small historical centre is also called Nedstrand (or Stranda) and was historically the regional customs office for the timberindustry in the Ryfylke district. The old toll both is preserved with a new museum built around the wooden structure from the 15th centry. Take a stroll, stop by the cafe and stock up at the Joker stores. General stores with a selection that will surprise you..

For many of the 950 people in the community, Hinderåvåg is the centre for schools, church, nursing home, sports arenas and swimming pool etc. There is also a store and an activity park with ziplines flying you high in the tree-tops. We also enjoy the great possibilities to take hit the mountains for hiking, biking or skiing, and boating and fishing in the surrounding fjords!

Today, the peninsula is home to agriculture, tourism, fish farming, fruit orchards, stone quarries and more.


Doors of Nedstrand